Refuting the testimony of Caryl Brennan Farrell 

by and through its Administrator,
Victoria L. Britton,

vs. Case No. 8:09-cv-00264-T-23-EAS



The undersigned, Victoria L. Britton, declares the following:

1. I am over the age of 18, the mother of Kyle Brennan, and the court-appointed administrator of his Virginia estate. The following is based on my personal knowledge, conversations with Tom Brennan, his sister, Carrie Farrell, and receipts from my son’s travels.

2. My son, Kyle Brennan, spent three days (January 5 through January 8, 2007) in Des Moines, Iowa, looking at colleges. Wanting to visit California and remembering that he had two paternal aunts there, Kyle called Tom Brennan and asked him to call his sisters, Cathleen and Caryl, in San Diego. Tom called back to say that it was OK for Kyle to visit. Cathleen “Cathy” Brennan and Caryl “Carrie” Brennan Farrell lives in San Diego. Cathy is unmarried with a history of psychiatric treatment. Carrie is married to Jeff Farrell.

3. Kyle had not seen or spoken to these aunts since 2000 when Tom Brennan and I divorced. This would be his first time seeing Cathy and Carrie in seven years. During those years, Kyle had grown up from a 13-year-old adolescent into a 20-year-old college student. Kyle had no special relationship with these two aunts.

4. On January 9, 2007, Kyle took Delta Airlines flight DL 3861 from Des Moines to San Diego. He arrived at 12:36 p.m. and decided to spend his first night in San Diego in a hotel.

5. For the morning of January 10, it had been arranged that Cathy Brennan would pick Kyle up in front of Denny’s close to his hotel and drive him to Carrie and Jeff Farrell’s home. Far from caring about Kyle, Cathy Brennan forgot about the agreement and left Kyle waiting at the Denny’s–in a place where he was a stranger for seven hours. Given Cathy’s unfamiliarity with Kyle and her apparent lack of empathy, it’s very strange that she now claims to know him well enough to state that, during his subsequent visit, he seemed to be saying goodbye to family members. She eventually arrived and drove him to Farrell’s home.

6. Kyle stayed in the Farrell guest house until January 15. During this time, I had several telephone conversations with Tom Brennan. He told me that Kyle was doing well and discussing his plans with the Farrells. These included plans about getting back into school and perhaps going into the Coast Guard. Tom said that the Farrells encouraged Kyle to visit the local Coast Guard recruiter, and in fact, Kyle’s personal items returned to his home in Charlottesville include a note with the phone number of the San Diego area Coast Guard headquarters. The note is in Carrie Farrell’s handwriting. For these reasons, it’s odd that Carrie Farrell now claims that Kyle would not talk with her or her husband about his future plans.

7. Kyle left the Farrell guest house on January 15, 2007–mainly because Carrie Farrell told him she was having it redecorated–and moved into a San Diego Motel. He stayed there until January 24. Not knowing where Kyle was at this time, my husband and I called the homeless shelters in the San Diego area. We gave them a detailed description of Kyle, and they searched for us.

8. On January 22, I talked with Jeff Farrell. Kyle had his cell phone bills sent to the home in Charlottesville. I was randomly calling the numbers on the bill, hoping to locate someone who had some information, when Jeff Farrell answered. Jeff expressed his concern for his nephew and said Kyle seemed troubled. I asked him if he knew Kyle was on medication, and he responded that he did. In fact, Jeff said that Kyle had shown Carrie the Lexapro bottle and told her he needed it; it helped him. When I told Jeff that that was different information from what Tom had given me, he replied that it was probably due to Tom’s involvement with Scientology.

9. The next day, January 23, I filed a missing person’s report with the Albemarle County Police. I also called the Farrell home, left a voice message regarding the missing person’s report, and asked them to contact me directly if Kyle should call them. Carrie Brennan Farrell returned my call late that afternoon. This was the only phone conversation that I had with my former sister-in-law. It’s interesting that Carrie now claims she called me twice: once while Kyle stayed in her guest house and again immediately after he left. Neither of these claims is true. I spoke with her once, in the late afternoon of January 23, 8 days after Kyle moved out of her guest house. And this call was one she was returning, not initiating.

10. In the conversation with Carrie, she apologized profusely for not contacting me sooner. Carrie stated that while Kyle was at her place, she and Tom Brennan had the biggest argument they had ever had. Carrie said that she had recommended that Kyle speak with a friend of hers who’s a counselor. She said Tom got livid over the suggestion, and a huge confrontation ensued. I asked Carrie if Kyle had discussed his medication with her. She said that yes, he had, and had shown her the Lexapro bottle saying that it helped him. Carrie then ranted about Tom’s involvement with Scientology and said she was fed up with it. The Church of Scientology, she said, had been inundating her family with anti-psychiatry literature. She said this started soon after she had to have her older sister Cathy committed to a mental institution in 2006.

I declare, under penalties of perjury, that the foregoing is true.
Dated this ___ day of September 2010.

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