Clearwater Police Information

In the weeks and months after Kyle’s passing, something completely unexpected made the pain immeasurably worse—the incomprehensible treatment I received at the hands of Detective Stephen Bohling of the Clearwater Police Department (the CWPD). Losing a twenty-year-old son is horrific enough. Bohling’s unconscionable handling of the investigation into Kyle’s death, however—his deceitful, immoral and illegal behavior —not only sullied Kyle’s image but also devastated Kyle’s family and ultimately obstructed justice in the wrongful-death lawsuit that ensued.

Narrative written by Detective Steve Bohling

The Clearwater Police Report, Page 28.

Clearwater Police information, Excerpt Steve Bohling Narrative page 28 001

Clearwater Police Information, Steve Bohling Narrative Page 28 001

Excerpt from the Deposition of Detective Steve Bohling

Clearwater Police information, Kyle Brennan, computer information,Detective Steve Bohling Page 166,167 Deposition 001

Excerpt from Detective Bohling’s first interview.

Detective Bohlings First Interview 001

A copy of this interview was sent to the FBI in 2007.

Detective Steve Bohling Deposition page 71 001

Excerpt from the Deposition of FDLE Agent Barbara Mendez

FDLE Agent Mendez Deposition page 26 001

Mendez deposition Page 27 001

FDLE Agent Barbara Mendez Excerpt from Deposition 001

Yuen omitted that present at Tom Brennan’s Cleveland Street apartment the evening of Kyle’s death were two important members of Scientology’s first family—the twin-sister and brother-in-law of the church’s worldwide leader, David Miscavige.

Clearwater Police Report, Kyle-brennan-Deposition of Detective Steve Bohling page 177 001

Detective Stephen Bohling changed his story. He lied about Gerald Gentile’s suspiciously early presence at the Brennan apartment.

Why were these two members of the Clearwater Police Department—Officer Jonathan Yuen and Detective Stephen Bohling—not forthcoming or truthful about the presence of the Gentiles at the Cleveland Street apartment that night? Why would they not identify these high-powered Scientologists?

Detective Stephen Bohling; Britton Affidavit