A Tangled Web (part I & II)

How is it that Kyle’s computer ended up at the Miscavige-Gentile home soon after he died, where, inexplicably and suspiciously, everything was erased? The computer files, by the way, no doubt contained schoolwork and information linking Tom Brennan to an apartment fire in Virginia. Additionally, that fire and the resultant insurance company lawsuit caused Brennan to leave the state of Virginia and file for bankruptcy protection in the state of Florida.

When reviewing the conflicting testimony of Denise Miscavige, Gerald Gentile, and Brennan it’s apparent that Kyle’s computer was in fact, never accessed by this trio of bunglers. When the laptop was returned home after Kyle’s death his sister-in-law analyzed the content. She noted; the computer had been accessed within a few hours after his death and files had been deleted. This asks the question; who did it and why?

A Tangled Web (Part II)

Detective Stephen Bohling, in his Clearwater Police Report, states that Kyle’s computer was accessed on February 18th—the Sunday after Kyle’s passing—even though Denise Miscavige, Gerald Gentile, and Tom Brennan testified that it was accessed on the 17th. Agent Barbara Mendez also writes in her report that the computer was accessed on February 18th. In other words, she conducted her analysis based on the information provided by Detective Bohling. None of this adds up; none of this is cohesive or makes sense. Why would the detective lie about the dates? Normally, when someone lies, they’re attempting to hide something. Let’s shine the light of truth on these inconsistencies.

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Denise Miscavige and Tom Brennan lied about where they were and what they were doing the evening of Friday, February 16, 2007 (the evening Kyle passed away). They created a phony 11:00 p.m. “book borrowing” alibi in order to position themselves away from the scene of Kyle’s death. When, during the deposition process, Attorney Ken Dandar pressed them for specific details about the “book borrowing,” he exposed their lies. Despite all of this fairly obvious alibiing, however, the erroneous 11:00 p.m. time of death went into the Clearwater Police Department Report. Due to Miscavige and Brennan’s lying, it’s still presumed that Kyle passed away at 11:00 p.m. on Friday, February 16.

Excerpt from the deposition of Denise Miscavige

Denise Miscavige testifies that it was “the next morning” that Brennan returns to the apartment and discovers Kyle’s computer-February 17th.

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Denise Miscavige, Scientology Criminal, OSA, Kyle Brennan, 001

Denise Miscavige, Scientology, OSA, Kyle Brennan, 001

Gerald Gentile’s First Statement; Clearwater Police Report, page 45.

Tangled Web Part I & II, Information, Detective Steve Bohling interview with Gerald Gentile, PG.45 001

Excerpt from the Deposition of Gerald Gentile

Gerald Gentile, Clearwater Slumlord, Scientology,Kyle Brennan, 001

Excerpt from the Deposition of Detective Stephen Bohling

Attorney Ken Dandar,Detective Steve Bohling, Gerald Gentile, OSA 001

Detective Steve Bohling,Kyle Brennan, OSA, Scientology Criminal, 001

The Clearwater Police Report narrative; written by Detective Steve Bohling

A Tangled Web Information, Part I & II, Detective Stephen Bohling,Lying to protect Denise Miscavige,comp 001

Detective Stephen Bohling, protecting Clearwater Slumlord, 001

Detective Bohling omits a significant detail in his first narrative, Gerald Gentile’s name.

Clearwater Police Report, Detective Steve Bohling,Bully, Liar, 001

In their first interviews with Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling, both Denise Miscavige and her husband Gerald Gentile stated that Kyle’s computer was removed from Tom Brennan’s apartment and taken to their home on Saturday, February 17 (the day after Kyle passed away). Gerald Gentile, in fact, stated that he accessed the computer and copied the files—all on the same day—Saturday, February 17. During Gerald Gentile’s deposition, however—when he was asked by Attorney Ken Dandar to relate when he accessed Kyle’s computer—he avoided giving a direct answer. He stated, instead, that it took place in the daylight hours. Unfortunately, Dandar did not press him for further computer-related information.

When Detective Bohling was deposed by Attorney Dandar, the policeman conveniently “forgot” what he had written in his Clearwater Police Department Report—that Kyle’s computer, following Kyle’s death, was accessed for the first time on Sunday, February 18. Why would the detective write down that this fairly important incident took place on Sunday, February 18, instead of on Saturday, February 17—despite being told to the contrary by two of the defendants, Denise Miscavige and Gerald Gentile? It does not take a Sherlock Holmes to come up with the obvious answer—the date was changed because the seizure of Kyle’s computer, along with the accession and copying of Kyle’s files, so soon after his passing by defendants in the lawsuit, would be regarded by any judge and any juryman as very suspicious.

Excerpt from the Deposition of Detective Steve Bohling

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Det.Stephen Bohling, Ken Dandar,Kyle Brennan, Scientology,OSA, 001

Statement of Tom Brennan made under the advisement of Attorney Paul Johnson.

A Tangled Web, Clearwater Police Report Excerpt, Kyle Brennan investigation, The Church of Scientology, Denise Miscavige,OSA, 001

No copy of the receipt was entered into evidence.

A Tangled Web Document, Kyle Brennan, Wendy Borden Brennan,Scientology,Criminals,Kyle Brennan, 001

Detective Bohling’s First Interview: March 2007

A Tangled web document, Kyle Brennan's computer, Detective Stephen Bohling,First Interview,Lying,Scientology, 001

A Tangled Web document, Detective Steve Bohling, Scientology, first interview, 001

“Thirty-five documents?”

A Tangled Web document, Detective Stephen Bohling, Thirty-Five Documents, Scientology, 001

Statement of Mark C. “Marty” Rathbun, a former senior executive of the Church of Scientology.


Recorded exchange between Attorney Lee Fugate and Detective Steve Bohling

Attorney Lee Fugate,Detective Stephen Bohling, Criminal,OSA, 001

 Scientology, Office of Special Affairs.

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Barbara Mendez FDLE Information