Gerald & Denise Miscavige, “The Pajama Game” 

Gerald Gentile, in an attempt to keep his wife, Denise Miscavige,  away from the Brennan apartment—the crime scene—on the evening Kyle died, stated that his wife did not go near the apartment. Instead, said Gentile, she waited outside near their parked vehicle because she was in her pajamas.

This, of course, contradicts the early statements made to Detective Stephen Bohling by the Gentiles. In those interviews, according to this upstanding Scientology couple, Denise stayed home and only Gerald went to the Brennan apartment.

Gerald Gentile’s feeble attempt at helping his wife distance herself from the apartment backfired when Denise was deposed. In her deposition, she stated under oath that she was walking in front of the Coachman Building, chain-smoking cigarettes while conversing with people.

The sight of middle-aged Denise Miscavige Gentile—the sister of Scientology leader David Miscavige—walking around in her pajamas on a cold damp night in downtown Clearwater would most certainly have been memorable.

Unfortunately, however, it wasn’t memorable enough for Clearwater Police Officer Jonathan Yuen, the first officer on the scene, a public servant who’s duty-bound to remember and record details. During his deposition, Yuen stated that a “couple” showed up at the Brennan apartment during his 10- to 20-minute investigation of Kyle’s death, but when pressed for details he was unable to recall any specifics.

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