Computer Incompetence or Incompetent Lying? 

The concept of Kyle “voluntarily” handing over his Lexapro—the psychiatrist-prescribed medication he was taking—appears nowhere in the early reports. (And we believe the early reports are the most truthful.) This was a story that was developed later by the Appellees in the wrongful-death lawsuit when it appeared helpful in their avoiding liability. Even then—when presumably they’d had plenty of time to think through the details—the stories told are implausible, full of obvious holes.

In Tom Brennan’s deposition, stated under oath 3 years after the fact, he explained that he took the Lexapro so he could research it. “So I took the bottle and I went down to the public library to find out what it was,” he stated. “I didn’t have a computer so I wanted to find out what it was.” Brennan didn’t have a computer, but his son Kyle did, right in the same apartment. Why didn’t he simply ask Kyle to look it up for him? Or, simpler still, why didn’t he look it up himself? The answer to that question shoots holes in the entire story: Tom Brennan couldn’t look it up because at the time he was completely computer illiterate.

In the Clearwater Police Report, Jerry Gentile stated that Tom Brennan told him “I’m not computer literate.” Amazingly, Brennan concurred in his deposition—the very same deposition wherein he stated that he went down to the library to research Lexapro on the computer. When asked during this deposition if he turned Kyle’s laptop on, he stated, “You know, I tried to, but I couldn’t—at the time I was so computer illiterate, I couldn’t figure out how to get the damn thing on.” How could Brennan have researched Lexapro at the library if he was so computer ignorant? Obviously, he couldn’t—he made up the story to explain how Kyle’s medication ended up locked in the trunk of his vehicle.

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Excerpt from the Clearwater Police Report: Detective Stephen Bohling

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Clearwater Police Report: Denise Miscavige Gentile

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Lawyers representing the COS laying the groundwork for deception

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