Analyzing a Scientology Knowledge Report 

Important documents and information about the Knowledge Report written by Gerald Gentile and sent to the Office of Special Affairs International during the wrongful death lawsuit of Kyle Brennan. 

* The Office of Special Affairs or OSA Int. manages and controls the legal and intelligence operations of the Church of Scientology.

*Thomas Brennan establishes the length of time that it takes to drive from the Florida State Fair to the Miscavige/Gentile residence. *Brennan states that he left for work at 5–“I get there at 5:30.” 

* The Miscavige/Gentiles establish that it takes ten minutes to drive from their home to the Cleveland Street apartment.

*Brennan has stated under oath that he left work at 10:00 PM on February 16, 2007.

This places him in the apartment with Kyle at the time of his death.

*Statement from Gerald Gentile that he claims to have written.

“I could not see the officer but could hear what “appeared” to be questions he was asking Tom.” In the last sentence of the paragraph, Gentile states: “The officer asked Tom several questions at that time and took notes in a small spiral bound light green notepad.”

Excerpt from the deposition of Officer Jonathan Yuen
Gentile gives accurate and precise information regarding the location of the Brennan apartment. He tells a different story during his interview with Detective Steve Bohling.

Brennan’s 11:00 p.m. book alibi—a handyman book belonging to Gerald Gentile.

Denise Miscavige Gentile 11:00 p.m. book testimony—a book about E-Meters drills that belonged to her.


* Brennan testified that he never bought vitamins for Kyle. This was in response to the question regarding the voicemail that was found saved in Kyle’s cell phone. The message was discovered when the phone was sent home after he died. Brennan was telling Kyle in a sarcastic voice, “Don’t forget to take your vitamins; that’s the only thing that will be able to help you.”

In the Knowledge Report, it states, “I think these drugs are bad for him. I have been giving him good food and vitamins, and he was doing much better.

Excerpt from the deposition of Thomas Brennan

Former Scientologist Chuck Beatty questions the validity of the Report

chuck-beatty-knowledge-report-001.jpg (850×981)

Contradicting information regarding the Weapon

Excerpt from the Deposition of Thomas Brennan

brennan-info-weapon-0011.jpg (405×1063)

The Knowledge report claims that Brennan said: “I got off at work at 11 and dropped by Denise’s house to drop something off.”

Knowledge report time-frame miscalculation  001

Denise Miscavige Gentile’s interview with Detective Steve Bohling

Miscavige Gentile and Brennan create the 11 p.m. book alibi without considering when a call was placed for emergency help at 12:10 a.m. on February 17, 2007.

In the Knowledge Report, they change the time that Brennan returns home to 12 A.M.contradicting the testimony of Miscavige-Gentile and Tom Brennan.

Bohling feedin denise info 11 001

Denise Miscavige Gentile

* Denise Miscavige Gentile left waiting at the Coachman.

denise I never went there 001

Excerpt from the deposition of Jonathan Yuen:

couple shows up 001

Excerpt from the deposition of Gerald Gentile

The author of the Knowledge Report wrote minute details within the report and attributed it to Gerald Gentile.

Gentile’s memory seems to take a vacation while being deposed.

Deposition of Gerald Gentile page 23,KR REpORT 001

Deposition of Gerald Gentile,page24 001

Gerald Gentile Deposition, page25 001

Excerpt from the Deposition of Tom Brennan regarding the weapon

A Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements

Deposition of Thomas Brennan weapon loaded 001

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