Weapon Information; Affidavit of Sean Brennan   

“Critical pages pertaining to the weapon and ammunition were removed from the completed deposition of  Thomas Brennan. We would not have the full deposition with the omitted pages until five years after the death of Kyle.”




“A weapon and bullet list of unanswered questions”


“One day,” Sean affirmed, “Kyle approached me holding a small cloth bag and said that he had found a gun in his father’s nightstand.” Sean first checked to see if it was loaded—it was not—then he identified it as a Taurus revolver manufactured in Brazil in the 1980s. When Sean later expressed his concern that his step-father had an unsecured firearm in his home, Tom Brennan said: “that he had no ammunition for it and was not planning on purchasing any since he had no interest in weapons and no intention of ever firing it.”

In the affidavit, Sean stated that Brennan did indeed take him and Kyle to a Fort Myers firing range, a place called Fowler’s. But, Sean certified, “we did not take the Taurus .357 from the house . . . I rented a weapon there, a Heckler & Koch USP .45, and Fowler’s provided the ammunition.”

Tom Brennan lied, of course, when he stated that he’d taken Kyle and Sean—and the Taurus .357 revolver—to Fowler’s, where Kyle fired it and “liked it.” How was it possible for Tom Brennan to contradict himself on numerous occasions and yet never raise the suspicions of the Clearwater, Florida, Police Department?