Kyle Brennan’s Stolen Property

In the declaration of Gary L. Robinson, he is questioned about the gold and silver coins that Kyle had in his possession. Kyle said to his uncle that he still had all of his gold coins. Kyle was conservative with his money when he was traveling (see receipts in evidence). He was also a coin collector for most of his life and was traveling with his entire collection. In 2006, Kyle purchased five first strike, gold Buffalo coins-24kt. Bullion along with some gold Canadian Maples. These coins were purchased for 500-600 dollars.

After Kyle died, Wendy Borden Brennan told Scott Brennan that gold and silver coins were found in Kyle’s belongings. None were returned home to the family.

This information was brought to Detective Stephen Bohling’s attention by Scott Brennan, Kyle’s stepfather Rick Britton and myself.

Bohling’s response was, “Tom Brennan said that everything was returned home.”

On-Page 206-207 of Stephen Bohling’s deposition, he is asked the question “Do you know if any currency was found at the scene of the death of Kyle Brennan?

” I’m not aware of any and it definitely was not stated in any report that I’ve come across.”

On-Page 9 Section 1 of the Clearwater Police Report Category: Evidence / Seized Property Type Currency

The currency in evidence/property should have been documented in the precise denomination.

On-Page 111: Deposition of Thomas Brennan, he is questioned about purchasing Kyle’s plane ticket from San Francisco. He stumbles and cannot recall how he purchased the ticket. When Kyle contacted his uncle, Gary Robinson from the San Francisco airport, he had already purchased his plane ticket to Tampa.

Who stole Kyle’s gold after he died?

Deposition of Detective Stephen Bohling, page 109: He covers for the defendant’s, feigning dismay as to where Kyle’s money could have gone.

Stephen Bohling and Investigator Doug Barry knew that Kyle was in possession of valuable coins when he arrived in Clearwater and that they disappeared after he died. This information was also sent to the FBI in the Autumn of 2007.

Agent Jeff Atwood (Des Moines, FBI) was concerned for Kyle’s safety and well being when he learned that he had a large sum of currency in his possession.

The deposition of Agent Jeff Atwood was abruptly canceled by the lawyers representing the defendants.

On page 3, Section 1, of the CWPR they list my address as Clifden Greene this was the address of Kyle’s brother. This is the address where Kyle’s belongings were sent after he died. Brennan was told to mail his son’s belongings back home. He knew this was not the home address as he had lived at the Ridgefield Road address for years.

Why were Kyle’s belongings sent to the address listed in the police report and not to the address where Brennan lived for many years and knew it to be Kyle’s home?

It was noted by Scott that when Kyle’s things were returned home that they were meticulously packed. He knew that Tom Brennan was not the person who packed and shipped Kyle’s personal belongings home.

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Chapter six: vetting information

Excerpts from the deposition of Detective Stephen Bohling.