The Clearwater Police; Scientology and the Blue Wall of Silence                 

“The Kyle Brennan investigation was merely a box to be checked on the way to a foregone conclusion in which only the victim is to blame.” 

Truth is a necessary virtue that helps to keep society and communities safe, strong, and cohesive. Without it, we lose direction, and our society becomes dysfunctional and chaotic. The public acceptance of blatant lying and perjury by those we’ve placed in positions of power should never be tolerated.

Regarding police officers who commit perjury and obstruct justice, the public will give an officer the benefit of the doubt. We expect them to be truthful. When officers lie, lives are ruined, justice is not served, and in criminal cases, the guilty go free while the innocent suffer. There needs to be accountability of the harshest measure for any member of law enforcement who commits perjury and obstructs justice.

Are members of the Clearwater, Florida, Police Department guilty of lying by omission, obstruction, and perjury?

“Let’s begin with the media and how misinformation from a “St. Petersburg Times” article was instrumental in reducing the civil case of twenty-year-old Kyle into a complex web of deception, lies, and contradictions.”  Attorney Luke Lirot 

Murky goings on in Clearwater, Florida

The Clearwater Police Department; Lies of Omission

The Clearwater Police Department; The Fox in the Henhouse

Truth is what drives our judicial system. If people do not come forward and tell the truth, we have no hope of making the judicial system work. If someone knowingly tells a lie under oath during an investigation, it is every prosecutor’s duty to respond by investigating. The only way to preserve public trust is to respond to corruption.

In the end, all of this—the lies, the mishandling of information, the obstruction of justice—came at the expense of a twenty-year-old college student whose existence to the corrupt powers that be in Clearwater, Florida, was absolutely meaningless.

A Summary of the Lies

Attorney Lee Fugate, Scientology, Clearwater & Corruption 

http://Attorney Lee Fugate; Scientology, Clearwater & Corruption

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Kyle Brennan photograph from a protest

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