Perjury; Clearwater’s Pollution 

• Brennan’s lies concerning the night of Kyle’s death – It was estimated that Kyle died at Brennan’s apartment at 11:00 p.m. The 911 call went out at 12:10. Detective Bohling was informed by family members that Brennan had told us different arrival times for that evening. We were first told that he arrived home at 10:30 p.m. after having dinner with friends. Brennan later changed the time and story, saying he arrived home between 11:15 and 11:20 after spending the day selling books at the State Fair. Of course, if his first story is true, it places him in the apartment at the time of Kyle’s death. This would also increase the length of time before 911 was called. Which one of these stories is true? These multifarious stories, convoluted timelines, and lies went unchallenged by the detective. To top it off, Bohling, in the police report, said that: “Thomas Brennan returned home near midnight.”

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• Lies told to protect Denise Miscavige Gentile – The Gentiles at first denied their relationship with Brennan, denied that Denise is a Scientology “chaplain,” and denied that Denise was Brennan’s “chaplain.” All of these statements were disproved: Scientology documents prove Denise’s status as a “chaplain,” and that she was indeed Brennan’s “chaplain”—meaning they had a very close relationship. Also: Denise at first denied that she went to Brennan’s apartment the night of Kyle’s death. Her husband, however, revealed that both had traveled to Brennan’s apartment.

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• Other red flags concerning events the night Kyle died – As stated above, Bohling, in the police report, said that: “Thomas Brennan returned home near midnight. . .” However: On another page of the police report, Denise Miscavige Gentile—Brennan’s Scientology “chaplain”—said that: “Tom had, um, stopped by my house to borrow a book. It was around 11 … when he got home in like ten minutes, he called me up.” This places Brennan at his apartment, the location of Kyle’s death, at 11:10. Also: In Gerald Gentile’s deposition, he said that after Brennan called his wife: “I quickly threw on a pair of pants … threw on my sneakers, and was in my pajamas. We just ran out the door and jumped in the car and ran down” [to Brennan’s apartment]. This statement places both the Gentile’s at Brennan’s apartment at 11:20 or maybe 11:30 p.m. Again, the 911 call went out at 12:10 a.m. What were these three individuals doing in Brennan’s apartment for the 30–40 minutes prior to someone finally calling 911?

Denise and Gerald Gentile; Lying in the interview with the Clearwater Police Department

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These are but a few of the lies, half-truths, and contradictions easily found in the police report and depositions. Told about these things, Detective Bohling did nothing. My son’s right to a fair investigation has been denied by the Clearwater police. My family’s right to know exactly what happened to Kyle that night has also been denied. We believe something very different happened that evening, something different from the explanation found in the Clearwater police report. The false information written by the detective has been used in court documents by the attorney’s representing the Church of Scientology. The death of my young son has been devastating enough-the aftermath has been horrific.         

Deposition Excerpt of Tom Brennan

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Deposition Excerpt of Denise Gentile  Perjury and corruption-Denise-Miscavige, Book, E-meter alibi 001.jpg

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Tom Brennan; A Weapon and Bullet List of Contradictory Statements