Forever in my Heart-Kyle Brennan

Since losing my youngest son Kyle, I’ve learned that life’s simplest moments oftentimes become the most poignant memories. Some of my most treasured recollections are of the time we shared reading. These tender, albeit fleeting, moments defined the unbreakable bond between us. I can still see him gazing up at me, his sweet round face scrubbed clean with innocence. In a voice, I now strain to remember he asks “tell me a story mommy.”

When Kyle was a tot, “Winnie the Pooh” was his all-time favorite. For this sad anniversary, here’s a thought from Pooh-creator A. A. Milne: “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, put me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

My son will always live in my heart, but I’d give anything to see his smile, hug him close, or even just hear his footsteps down the hall. In a world now filled with “what ifs,” I’m so sorry, Kyle, that not every story has a happy ending.  


Cherish the moments with your loved ones, they are priceless!

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In Memoriam Kyle Brennan

A heartache like no other