Detective Stephen Bohling; information

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Detective Stephen Bohling; information 

In my first interview with Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling in April of 2007, he was in charge of the investigation into my son’s death; he told me that “a Jerry” was in Brennan’s apartment when the police arrived. (They found Kyle’s lifeless body in Brennan’s bedroom.)

The night of Kyle’s passing, February 16, 2007, the person who called to tell me of the tragedy was a stranger named “Jerry.” We assumed that “Jerry” was the roommate of Tom Brennan (Kyle’s father, an avid Scientologist). Six months would pass before we learned that Gerald “Jerry” Gentile was the brother-in-law of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

I asked Detective Bohling numerous questions about this mysterious “Jerry.” What was his full name? Why was he in the apartment with Brennan before the police were notified? Was the police’s “Jerry” the same individual who called me that night? Bohling responded that Scientologists have the right to call their ______ (unintelligible) before calling for help. During the April conversation with Bohling, I was told that he was looking for Brennan’s roommate, a man named Eddie Childers. Bohling stated he had questions for Childers regarding the storage of the weapon that killed Kyle. He wanted to ask him if he recalled seeing it in the nightstand in the room where Childers and Kyle stayed.

Detective Stephen Bohling, police report excerpt

Deposition Excerpts of S. Brennan

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Detective Stephen Bohling of the Clearwater, Florida, Police Department was the lead investigator looking into Kyle’s extremely suspicious death. His investigation, however, was careless, sloppy, and perjurious. Many quandaries were left unanswered, and several deponents who’d obviously contradicted themselves walked away without further questioning. Bohling’s official police report, as can be imagined, was riddled with half-truths and lies. Facts critical to the case were omitted.

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