Declaration of Sue Rudd; David Miscavige

Declaration of Sue Rudd; David Miscavige


Declaration of Sue Rudd #2

Mark C.  Rathbun, a former senior executive of the Church of Scientology

Scientology, Clearwater & Corruption 

Marty Rathbun

You are under oath, Marty 001

Excerpt from the deposition of Mark C. Rathbun

Marty Rathbun, David Miscavige information 001


Attorney Lee Fugate

” Rathbun says the Church hired another attorney, former prosecutor Lee Fugate, to have illegal ex-parte meetings with judges involved in the case.”Rathbun says, “listen, Lee Fugate, his value was to schmooze. As a matter of fact, that’s what David Miscavige and myself used to say. Let’s get Lee to schmooze; let’s get Lee to schmooze.”

Lee Fugate, Mike Rinder, Rathbun, Lisa McPherson, Corruption 001

Fugate, State attorney, Clearwater corruption 001

An exchange between Attorney Fugate and Clearwater police detective Steven Bohling (Kyle Brennan death investigation). 

Lee Fugate-Bohling Exchange 001

Attorney Ken Dandar, Kyle Brennan case

“But Dandar, who is suing the Church- saying it violated his civil rights, says the issues go way beyond one judge. The implication not only involves attorneys and a judge; it involves law enforcement.”

Attorney Ken Dandar

The Church of Scientology: documented accusations of corruption attempts and bribery dating from the 1980s                                        

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