Denise Miscavige Gentile-Videotaped Depositions

Denise Miscavige Gentile

Denise Miscavige Gentile; Videotaped Depositions

Clearwater Police Officer Jon Yuen omitted from his report the fact that present at Brennan’s apartment the evening of Kyle’s death were these two important members of Scientology’s first family–Denise and Gerald. Did the police department deliberately lie to protect two individuals with extremely close ties to Scientology’s top leadership?

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In the police interviews, Gentile also attempted to distance himself from the bloody Brennan apartment, the crime scene. In the police report, on page 41, Gerald Gentile told Bohling that on the evening that Kyle died he returned home “Um, after 11 or 12.” These times, of course, don’t line up with statements that were given by his wife, Denise Miscavige Gentile, or by Tom Brennan. 

 Why would Gentile offer up a different version of the events? It was to distance himself from Tom Brennan and the Cleveland Avenue apartment on the evening of Kyle’s death. “Clearwater police detective Stephen Bohling never questioned these discrepancies.”

Detective Stephen Bohling of the Clearwater, Florida Police Department was the lead investigator looking into the extremely suspicious death of Kyle Brennan. His investigation, however, was careless, sloppy and perjurious. Many quandaries went unanswered and witnesses ( Denise Miscavige, husband Gerald Gentile and Tom Brennan) who’d obviously contradicted themselves walked away without further questioning. The result of Detective Bohling’s fraudulent behavior was a miscarriage of justice. In the end, the lies, the mishandling of information and the obstruction of justice came at the expense of a twenty-year-old college student whose existence to the corrupt powers-that-be in Clearwater, Florida was absolutely meaningless.

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