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Excerpts from the deposition of S. Brennan,9171,156952,00.html

Ray took the lead, opening a large notebook containing a copy of the Clearwater Police Report regarding my son’s death.   

“I’m not certain how much you’ve been told,” said Ray matter-of-factly. “I’m going to cut to the chase, and just say it. I’m deeply troubled with what I’ve read.”

“Before I begin….” he continued, wearily shaking his head. “As a former officer of the Clearwater Police Department, I want to apologize to you and your family. There was a time when a police officer was a voice for the deceased. You had a duty to them and their loved ones to uncover the truth.”

“When I was a supervisor of homicide cases, I’d instruct my detectives to take on a case as though they were acting in the best interest of the victim.” 

“It’s obvious after reading this report that the Clearwater Police seems to be protecting the best interests of the Church of Scientology.” 

L.Ron Hubbard said “we would rather see you dead than incapable” Scientologists are supposed to be effective, not sympathetic.

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  1. The testimony of Kyle Brennan’s oldest brother Scott Brennan is of major importance in understanding the events of his death, which without doubt was a murder perpetrated by Scientologists and covered up as a suicide by Scientology’s intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA); Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling; and Medical Examiner Martha “Marti” J. Scholl. The excerpts from Scott’s deposition are the first to appear in public and are invaluable.

    The police did not ask Tom Brennan what time he came home on the night of Kyle’s death apparently content with his statement that he came home “after work” without any specified time.

    Scott called Brennan sometime shortly after noon on September 17, 2007, that is only twelve hours after the police appeared at Brennan’s apartment just minutes after he called 911 shortly before midnight.

    Brennan clearly states to Scott for the first time to anyone that he arrived at 10:30 pm, a full hour and a half before he called the police. This provides ample time for Kyle to have been murdered and the scene staged to look like suicide before Brennan called the police.

    It cannot be known at this time who pulled the trigger since no fingerprints were found on the weapon at the scene. However, from their own testimony Denise Miscavige, twin sister of Scientology leader David Miscavige, and her husband Jerry Gentile were at the apartment from 11:15 pm onward. It is quite possible they lied and walked through the door of the apartment with Brennan at 10:30 pm.

    Brennan’s conversation with his son Scott is both revealing and chilling. Brennan at first does not realize he is talking with his son but with another person named Scott and is ebullient, sounding “like he had won the lottery.” This puts the lie to Brennan’s contention that he was grief-stricken at Kyle’s death as he would subsequently maintain in later statements.

    Also revealing is the fact that at least twice in this short conversation lasting not more than ten minutes that Brennan states that Scientology had nothing to do with Kyle’s death when it is abundantly evident that Scientology and Scientologists had everything to do with Kyle’s death.

    Brennan’s statement that “he hadn’t pushed or talked about Scientology with Kyle” is a flat-out lie.

    Seven months earlier in August 2006 Brennan had talked Kyle into taking a semester off from school to live with him under the false pretext of offering him a job in his handyman’s business. There was no job. Brennan’s sole purpose was to work on Kyle to stop him from taking his anti-depressant medication and to convince him to take Scientology’s bogus “personality test” and start studying Scientology.

    Three weeks of this pressure culminated in an argument between Kyle and his father during which Kyle forcefully told his father what he thought of Scientology saying that only an idiot would believe anything that L. Ron Hubbard had to say.

    Kyle related all of this to his family when he fled home after Brennan assaulted him when he was taking a nap after the argument. Had Kyle not been startled awake to find Brennan standing over him with a heavy piece of office equipment as if to strike him Brennan could have severely damaged or even killed Kyle.

    Scott’s testimony in the excerpts here also provides evidence that Scientologists robbed Kyle after they killed him.

    Kyle had a long phone conversation of over two hours with his uncle Gary Robin (Victoria Britton’s brother) in Fort Myers, Florida, on February 7, 2007, the day he flew to Clearwater for the last time.

    Kyle had been traveling for two months and had financed his trip with cash savings and gold coins which he had been collecting. Kyle told Gary that he had all his gold coins with him.

    In these excerpts Scott reveals that he spoke with Brennan’s girlfriend (New York Scientology staffer Wendy Jill Borden) who confirmed that the coins were among his belongings. When Kyle’s belongings were sent to Scott some ten days after Kyle’s death all the coins were missing.

    Given the massive evidence that Kyle’s death was a murder elaborately covered up by Scientology, the Clearwater Police and Medical Examiners Office, and the Office of Pinellas Country District Attorney Bernie McCabe, it is an outrage that the FBI has not yet charged any of these people and that the media have ignored the story of Kyle’s death, the greatest scandal since the death of Lisa McPherson.

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