Investigator Ray Emmons(documents & emails)

Investigator Ray Emmons(documents & emails)

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Investigator Ray Emmons 

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Mike Rinder and Sid Klein

Former Clearwater Police Chief Sid Klein

My Friend Ray

In the newly rented law office, Ray sat across from me at the room’s large conference table. Papers and files were spread across its polished wood surface. Unpacked boxes sat all around. Books were stacked in piles waiting to be shelved; a large painting was leaning against the wall waiting to be hung. 

Ray took the lead, opening a large notebook containing a copy of the Clearwater Police Report regarding my son’s death.   

“I’m not certain how much you’ve been told,” said Ray matter-of-factly. “I’m going to cut to the chase, and just say it. I’m deeply troubled with what I’ve read.”

“Before I begin….” he continued, wearily shaking his head. “As a former officer of the Clearwater Police Department, I want to apologize to you and your family. There was a time when a police officer was a voice for the deceased. You had a duty to them and their loved ones to uncover the truth.”

“When I was a supervisor of homicide cases, I’d instruct my detectives to take on a case as though they were acting in the best interest of the victim.” 

“It’s obvious after reading this report that the Clearwater Police seems to be protecting the best interests of the Church of Scientology.” 

It was a blistering condemnation. 

The Emmons Report

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