Deposition Excerpts; Kyle’s Computer

Kyle Brennan's computer as evidence


Deposition Excerpts; Kyle’s Computer 

In March of 2007 Kyle’s brother Scott contacted the Clearwater Police Department to talk with Detective Stephen Bohling. Three weeks had passed since Kyle’s death and his family in Virginia had yet to receive a single phone call from the Clearwater Police Department. In this darkest of times—while we were in the throes of grief—we were completely baffled by this unprofessionalism on the part of the Clearwater police.

Didn’t they have questions? Weren’t they interested in information about Kyle that only his family in Virginia could provide?

That first telephone conversation between Virginia and Clearwater, Florida, was certainly an eye-opener. Scott’s impression of Detective Bohling—to put it mildly—was decidedly unfavorable. Scott, said Bohling, was arrogant and extremely rude. When told that Kyle’s computer was tampered with in the early morning hours after his death, for example, Bohling responded that he “didn’t care,” it wouldn’t change a thing.

In late February, when Kyle’s possessions—and his computer—were mailed back to Virginia they were sent to Scott’s apartment, not to Kyle’s home. This is how Scott came to be in possession of Kyle’s computer.

During the first meeting between Luke Lirot—the attorney representing Kyle’s family—and Bohling, the detective requested that we send him the computer. The un-professionalism of the Clearwater police, their lack of respect, and their unprofessional behavior had already made them well-nigh impossible to trust. Because of this point of view, we thought the computer should be forwarded to the FBI for analysis, not the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (the FDLE). With great hesitation, therefore, Kyle’s computer was sent back to Clearwater almost six months after the detective requested it.

Thinking that the computer was with the FBI in Tampa I contacted them and asked that they please check that Detective Bohling had indeed brought it over. The Tampa-based FBI agent that I spoke with asked for background information. When he heard about the situation, heard about the family’s experience with Bohling and his investigation, he exclaimed that one should always trust their instincts. He said that what the police detective had been telling my family didn’t add up. He also said that he’d personally check on the status of Kyle’s computer, but unfortunately, I never heard back from him.

We would learn at a later date that the computer had not been sent to the FBI for analysis but to the FDLE.

A copy of this information was sent to the FBI and the Office of Bernie McCabe, State Attorney for the Sixth Judicial Circuit.

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