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Kyle's Story a Scientology Death

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Scientology Suspicious Deaths; Documentary Film by Markus Thoess


Filmmaker Markus Thoess has recently released the trailer for his upcoming documentary about Scientology and related suspicious death cases. The film focuses on medical negligence, resulting death and the subpar police investigations that follow.Thoes’s steadfast dedication to uncovering the truth surrounding Kyle’s suspicious death, and exposing the Church of Scientology’s unethical, criminal, and potentially deadly medical practices is truly admirable.

When a child dies violently, unexpectedly, the impact on the family is completely devastating. It’s a heartbreak like no other. Anguish and despair become your close companions. After losing my son Kyle, I felt–along with my overwhelming grief–a powerful urgency to make sense of the senseless, to understand how the tragedy in Clearwater, Florida, had unfolded. That urgency–that need–has not subsided.

It’s of vital importance that the public, and state and federal lawmakers, are educated regarding Scientology’s dangerous alternative medical practices. Unfortunately, this regressive belief system, under the guise of religion, places its trusting adherents at risk of injury or even death.

It is my hope that this documentary and the stories told can serve as a warning to those involved with this dangerous organization and to educate the public. It was a privilege working with Markus Thoess.

Victoria L. Britton

Scientology: Mysterious Deaths (Religious Documentary) | Real Stories

Kyle Brennan-The Death of a Scientologist’s Son 


To understand the circumstances around the case, some key issues need to be understood. Firstly, Kyle suffered from depression and was taking Lexapro to alleviate the symptoms. The practice of taking psychiatric drugs goes against one of the core belief systems of Scientology. His father had moved away from the family home several years previous and originally moved to West Tampa, where he joined the local Scientologist organization to undergo training. Within a few months of joining the ‘Church’ he became acquainted with one of Scientology’s more infamous members, Denise Miscavige Gentile, the twin sister of Scientology leader David Miscavige. In May 2006 Gentile became Brennan’s Scientology “auditor”. From there, it has been stated that Brennan’s commitment to the Organization was devout.


Media stories; Belgium

De Belgische Staat vs. Scientology-De Mysterieuze dood van Kyle Brennan

(The Belgian State vs. Scientology-The Mysterious Death of Kyle Brennan) 

Humo Magazine

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JULIEN BALBONI Publié le mardi 27 octobre 2015 à 20h27 – Mis à jour le mercredi 28 octobre 2015 à 07h33             

Tribute for victims of Scientology

Paris, France

Media Stories-Kyle Brennan, Palace of Justice Protest Image
De Standaard Newspaper


Media; Kazakhstan 24 K2 Evening News

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