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About this Site; Kyle Brennan's Story to help Educate

About this Site

My youngest child, Kyle Brennan, died from a gunshot wound to the head the night of February 16, 2007, at the Clearwater, Florida, apartment of his Scientologist father. Creative, talented, and ambitious, Kyle—who was not a Scientologist—was only 20 years old. The circumstances surrounding his passing are extremely suspicious.

At the time, Kyle’s father was under the influence of powerful celebrity Scientologists. And that faith is notoriously anti-psychiatry and anti-psychotropic medications. That’s why Kyle’s Lexapro—proscribed him to counteract his mild social anxiety—was seized by his father, who locked it in his vehicle.

The Clearwater, Florida Police Department investigated the death of Kyle. The investigation was sloppy, perjurious, and criminal. Many questions went unanswered, and Scientology indoctrinated witnesses who’d perjured and contradicted themselves walked away without further questioning. The result of the Clearwater Police’s negligence was a miscarriage of justice.  

When a child dies violently, unexpectedly, the impact on the family is devastating. It’s a heartbreak like no other, one filled with anguish and despair. After losing Kyle, I felt, along with my overwhelming grief, a powerful urgency to make sense of the senseless, to understand how the tragedy in Clearwater had unfolded. That urgency—that need—has not subsided.

The public, as well as state and federal lawmakers, must be educated regarding Scientology’s dangerous practices. Under the guise of religion, this regressive belief system places its trusting adherents—and anyone pulled into their orbit—at risk of injury or even death. It is my hope that Kyle’s story can serve as a warning.

The Death of a Scientologist’s Son


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  1. I’m so sorry to read about your son’s death. Looks like you are fighting hard to get justice. i’ll be following your story.

  2. L’ oscurità settaria di Scientology mi parve quando occasionalmente sentii e lessi di Ron Hubbard . Congratulazioni per l’impegno indagativo!Auguri! Mario Angelo Salerni.

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